Why does Web3 needs decentralized social graph?


Why do we need a decentralized social graph?

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When we register on a social media platform for the first time, it’s almost an instinct now to follow a recommended list of celebrities, topics you’re interested in, and sync your phone contacts or Facebook for friends you may know. We take these recommendation algorithms for granted so much that we ignore the question: how are these lists generated?

Of course, we agreed to grant them access to our personal data, who we are and how we are related to other people. While connecting us to our friends, these social media platforms are also collecting, storing, securing, and monetizing on these data, our data, for advertising revenue. And that, is a problem. Trying to provide solutions, a number of startups are able to leverage blockchain technology and decentralized storage systems to not only conceptualize but realize Web3 standards and applications, and CyberConnect is one of them. A decentralized social graph protocol, CyberConnect powers the Metaverse and Dapps with better human interaction and connection.