Is Cyberconnect a blockchain?


Hello. I'm new here. Don't know if I should ask this in general or here. But here it goes.

Is Cyberconnect a blockchain? I heard it's a protocol, and that's confusing.

Also, is it decentralized? How does that work? I just need an accessible deep dive into what the tech is.

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Hi 👋 Yes you are on the right place ot ask A blockchain network is a system of devices, connected via the internet, that work together to create and validate a ledger of the transactions happening within their shared system.

A protocol is a set of predefined rules that dictates how a blockchain operates, and by which all network participants must abide for the blockchain to function.

So answer is CyberConnect is a protocol. It is designed for developers to create, access, and easily build upon decentralized social graphs on Ethereum and Solana

Is it decentralized? Yes it is. CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph protocol that helps dApps bootstrap network effects and build personalized social experiences.

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