How do CyberConnect really become the leading product on the web3 social platform?


As a user, I have to say I'm here for the future money, how do we really become the leading product on the web3 social platform when the coins are expected to materialise? Is there anything that can be done specifically? I've always been curious about this.

Answers 1

Of course we want to be the pioneer and leader in this industry, and we work hard toward the goal. I can't guarantee how much "future money" you can get. But as a community member, there are a lot of things you could do to help us get there, and potentially helping yourself "financially".

Some tips here for you:

  • Learn more about CyberConnect. (ask questions and give them some deep thinking like what you're doing here)
  • Help building our community. (we have different roles that you can earn) or participate in our community events
  • Try our products (and those who integrated us) and provide feedback.
  • Spread the word of CyberConnect on any platforms of your choices. (social media, irl). Don't simply tell them that you're bullish on us. Tell them what is CyberConnect building and why it's significant!