What's the difference between CyberConnect and RSS3?


I have worked on rss3 projects in the past and the whole thing is very similar to our project. Now that rss3 has been coined, the heat has slowly cooled off. Of course, this is also related to the decline of the market as a whole. If rss3 doesn't coin, and I say if, do we have any advantage over them? Or rather, what is the difference? I don't see any particular difference at the moment, with all due respect, but without any malice.

Answers 1

First of all, our team has been pretty close to the RSS3 team. I'm not an expert on what exactly RSS3 has been working on, but I think both of us are trying to solve the similar problem that we want to return the ownership of data (connections, contents, and identities) to users. With the similar vision in mind, we have different approaches in terms if how to achieve the goal. If you know us well, you'll know that we mainly focus on the social graph/connection part, instead of content distributing or personalized feed.