How to connect SOL and ETH profile?


Is there anyway to combine ETH and Solana profiles? For example a user's NFTs on both ETH and Solana can be seen in 1 profile I'm interested in building on CyberConnect, basically choosing between Lens and CyberConnect, would be nice if someone can summarise the pros and cons of each to me it seems Lens' performance is questionable when there are a lot of users, and I don't necessarily agree with having everything on-chain, but how is CyberConnect decentralised if it's not on-chain?

Answers 1

The reason why CyberConnect is agnostic is that it works on different chains, and it will work on many more in the future The reason why we have two profile versions is that every chain works on its therms and has their own system In the part of Solana plaza, you can see that you must use another wallet to set your profile up That's an example of why they need to be separated. At least for the moment One of our goals is to work with as many chains as we can