CyberConnect Expansion to Web2 social apps


The current cyber connect is more driven by the community, but the project itself wants to integrate social media, integrate all information flows, recommend or organize through algorithms, when will this aspect start? Since there are only twitter and some other NFT platforms now, can we see web2 social media being added to cyberconnect protocol as well?

As traditional social media platforms see their users' information and data as even more important than their lives, haha. Will this lead to very resistance to cooperate with new web3 social applications because they do not want to share their user data, such as refusing to cooperate with cyberconnect. Because you have to record user behavior and share it to other platforms

Answers 1

To be able to onboard more web2 apps, we need to figure out the infrastructure first (for example the Twitter verification we've been doing). But I personally think the resistance arises from a conflict of interest between users and the board on web3 platforms. The board has little incentive to adopt with web3 applications rather than maintain its ad revenue and stock price. However, the problem becomes solvable with governance tokens for users to own their data and the infrastructure CyberConnect is working on.