Whats the difference between "Web3 KOLs" and "Web3 Curator"?


Whats the difference between "Web3 KOLs" and "Web3 Curator"? I like my title to be a "curator" than "KOL" tho.

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Pls check below details to get more info mate:


By the end of #LetsCyberConnect, the top 100 addresses with the most followers can claim a limited edition "Web3 KOLs" POAP, celebrating you being one of the first crypto-native KOLs. In addition, these profiles will get a chance to be featured on the front page of CyberConnect’s recommendation list, amongst Vitalik Buterin, builders and founders from POAP, Collab Land, Coinvise, ENS, and etc.

Web3 Curator SZN 1:

If you are super into some of the crypto or Web3 projects, follow them, give them a shout out and spread the word for them! Claim a “Web3 Curator” POAP if you are among the earliest 10% followers to any top 100 most-followed addresses by the end of the event. Your vision will be rewarded for curating the best content creators and projects. Unveil those hidden gems and show others your diamond hand!